[OpenAFS] The removal of afscreds.exe and afs_config.exe on Windows Vista and Windows 7: Seeking Opinions

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Tue, 20 Oct 2009 13:20:42 +0200

Wow, great!  Good job, wonderful!
Now it will be really usable as a first step when giving support.

Great work! Really!

-- Ragge

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Asanka Herath has implemented the desired functionality for the OpenAFS
> Network Identity Manager credential provider.  Starting with the next
> release, in addition to the NIM notification icon the AFS notification
> icon will also be generated and will provide feedback for four states:
> - No tokens: indicated by a padlock with a bright red 'X' beside
>   it.
> - At least one valid token: indicated by a normal padlock.
> - Service is not running: indicated by a grayed out padlock with
>   a black square beside it.
> - Service error: indicated by a padlock broken in half.
> The 'Service error' state means that the OpenAFS client service
> is technically running (as reported by Windows), but is not
> responding to requests.
> In addition to the icon, hovering the mouse cursor over the icon
> will show details about the current state (such as the list of
> cells for which valid tokens exist) and the version of OpenAFS
> running on the machine.
> Jeffrey Altman