[OpenAFS] OpenAFS and connection via NAT

Bruno Taglienti bruno.taglienti@roma1.infn.it
Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:24:59 +0200

Recently my AFS server changed something on the software; the administrator
says that it is on a "virtual network". Starting from the date of the 
I can get the token, but all the cd on an AFS path fail with the message:
 Connection timed out
dmesg says:
afs: Lost contact with file server NN.NN.NN.NN in cell xxxx.yy
(all multi-homed ip addresses down for the server)

The admin says that I must open the ports from 7000 to 7009 (tcp and udp).
This solves the problem for the machines with a public IP address, but
the error persists for the machines connected via NAT.
The client is running Fedora 9,10,11
Any ideas?

Bruno Taglienti