[OpenAFS] console messages: "all buffers locked"

Rainer Toebbicke rtb@pclella.cern.ch
Wed, 28 Oct 2009 09:21:55 +0100

Simon Wilkinson schrieb:

> It wouldn't surprise me if some codepaths tie themselves in knots when 
> DRead returns NULL - it's a rare enough occurence (and one which used to 
> just panic, rather than printing the warning message) that it's probably 
> not been widely examined. The two that never manage to free their 
> lockers are interesting though - can you get cmdebug and alt-sysreq-t 
> output from them while they're stuck? (If you could send that privately, 
> or to RT, rather than the list)
> I hopefully did add a \n, too.

Alt-sysrq-t under way...

I believe we can exclude a "leak" under normal circumstances: I counted the 
number of locked buffers and printed the results after every increase, 
restarting every minute; as long as they stay below 50 things shrink and grow 
as expected.
> I suspect that ultimately, we're going to need to make the buffer 
> structures dynamically allocated, with some kind of high and low 
> watermark system. Each buffer takes up slightly more than 2k of memory - 
> so having a large number permanently allocated is a little anti-social 
> on platforms with limited memory.

The user space buffers.c already uses an indirection. Allocating a bigger 
fixed size array just of buffer pointers which individually could be zero 
until needed should be affordable, without affecting the performance 
fine-tuning of the package.

Cheers, Rainer

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