[OpenAFS] ADS communications issue?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Tue, 08 Sep 2009 13:14:30 -0700

Eric Chris Garrison <ecgarris@iupui.edu> writes:

> We're doing a cutover from MIT Kerberos to ADS, and while it works most
> everywhere else, one of our supercomputers' nodes is giving us problems.

> AFS works fine with MIT Kerberos.

> AFS "hangs" with ADS.  That is, it'll try to reach the /afs/iu.edu
> directory for 10-15 minutes, then time out, saying:

> ls: /afs/iu.edu: No such file or directory

> Interestingly, if I do a "bos status -noauth" from the client it works
> fine.  If I do it with a proper (ADS) token, it hangs and times out with
> the following error:

> bos: failed to contact host's bosserver (communications failure (-1)).

How old are your AFS file and VLDB servers?  Could they be too old to
handle the extra-large AD Kerberos tickets?

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