[OpenAFS] ADS communications issue?

Eric Chris Garrison ecgarris@iupui.edu
Tue, 08 Sep 2009 17:15:14 -0400

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> I suspect you are being bitten by a problem with the multi-realm
> support in 1.4.11.   The src/util directory is not being compiled
> with the correct environment variable set so the cross-realm support
> is failing.  The quick fix is to remove the
>   #if     defined(AFS_ATHENA_STDENV) || defined(AFS_KERBREALM_ENV)
>   #endif
> pair in src/util/get_krbrlm.c fs_is_foreign_ticket_name()
> Jeffrey Altman

If that's the case, why does the ADS realm work on other machines?

One more interesting fact, we suspected a MTU mismatch... our AFS servers
are 1500 MTU (running servers with -nojumbo arguments), and the
supercomputer in question are set to 9000 MTU.

When we had the admins set a node to 1500 MTU, the problem went away.
Since this isn't practical for the whole cluster, we had them change it
back to 9000 and ran the client with the following set:

   AFSD_ARGS="-rxmaxmtu 1500"

However, this (9000 MTU + rxmaxmtu 1500) hangs just as before.

Any more ideas, with this new information?

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