[OpenAFS] klog doesn't work on snow leopard

Derrick Brashear shadow@gmail.com
Thu, 10 Sep 2009 08:38:01 -0400

> I think it would be useful to have some indication about some log =A0file=
> look at to understand what happens. In the console.log, secure.log and
> system.log there is no indication. I'm going to deinstall some software s=
> as Intego VirusBarrier and NetBarrier to understand if the problem is
> related to software conflicts. But the better thing would be to have some
> specific AFS tool that detects where the problem occurs

It's not going to be software conflicts.

It's either going to be that the string to key function fails in some
(but not all, obviously) cases or
an input failure. In fact, hm. Can you (install X11 if necessary,
then) try klog in an xterm, assuming you used Terminal before? It does
work in both Terminal and xterm for me, but Terminal could conceivably
do something odd with character set encoding, whereas xterm is rather
unlikely to.

Beyond that, my next suggestion is to be able to share with me a
password that fails (not necessarily your current password) and if
fails, tell me who your administrator is so I can ask about a temporary acc=