[OpenAFS] vos listaddrs and "fake" fileserver addresses

Ryan C. Underwood nemesis-lists@icequake.net
Thu, 10 Sep 2009 16:47:29 -0500

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I'm having a problem getting the vlservers to advertise "fake"
fileserver IP addresses for fileservers-behind-NAT.

I have two AFS servers, and on the internal network.
On the Internet, they are seen as (say) and
They are both running Debian Lenny and are both vlservers as well as

The /etc/openafs/server/NetInfo file on one reads:

and on the other reads:

The server CellServDB on both contains only and  (If
I try to add the external IP addresses, it complains about conflicting
cell information.)

The client CellServDB is empty and the vlservers are provided through an
AFSDB record.  I have two different DNS zones due to the NAT.  On the
zone for the internal network, the AFSDB record gives the internal addresse=
Queries from external clients receive a different AFSDB record from the
external zone with the external addresses.

I can use udebug to reach port 7002 and 7003 from the external net
showing the ubik info.

However, fileserver connections always time out.  vos listaddrs shows
only the internal addresses, and  The client times
out attempting to connect to these addresses.

Should the "fake" IP addresses appear in vos listaddrs?

Is there a way to verify that the sysid file contains the correct

Is there possibly something I have overlooked in the setup?

Ryan C. Underwood, <nemesis@icequake.net>

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