[OpenAFS] ZFS rootdisk note

Jeff Blaine jblaine@kickflop.net
Fri, 25 Sep 2009 22:38:54 -0400

Jason Edgecombe wrote:
> Jeff Blaine wrote:
>> In case someone else runs into it...
>> Previously on test servers, I would simply mkdir /vicepa
>> and use it for a few volumes.
>> This (silently) will not work on a box with a ZFS rootdisk.
>> logs # vos create /vicepa root.afs -cell foo -noauth
>> vos : partition /vicepa does not exist on the server
>> logs # vos partinfo -noauth
>> logs #
>> You MUST 'zfs create -o mountpoint=/vicepa yourpool/vicepa'
> Did you run "touch /vicepa/AlwaysAttach" ?

No.  I've never done that, but maybe it's been longer than
I think since the last time I've done this sort of thing.

> I doubt this is a ZFS thing. The fileserver process will no mount a 
> /vicep?? folder unless it is a mount point (aka a different 
> partition/filesystem) or the "AlwaysAttach" file is present in the vicep??

You're probably right.  I'm too far along now to bother to
test that.  Maybe next time.

> See the fileserver man page for more details:
> http://docs.openafs.org/Reference/8/fileserver.html
> Jason