[OpenAFS] OpenAFS / Explorer hang when disabling/enabling NIC

Matt Renzelmann mattp281@renzelmann.com
Thu, 8 Jul 2010 11:43:29 -0500

Thanks again.  Could you suggest the proper channel for filing/referring =
to an existing bug report in Windows?  I checked connect.microsoft.com =
but did not see Windows 7 as an option.  This information might also =
help others who run into this, since it's admittedly a pretty serious =
issue for anyone trying to use OpenAFS/Windows 7.


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On 7/8/2010 10:43 AM, Matt Renzelmann wrote:
> Thank you both Jeffrey and Mickey for your insight and detailed =
replies.  In my excitement at seeing the new release, I didn't look at =
the release notes--apparently this is a recently-isolated issue.  I know =
I'd read the release notes on the previous versions but didn't this =
> As I'm a bit busy at the moment I probably won't experiment with this =
further for a while, but I'm glad the issue is documented so it will be =
clear when the problem is eliminated.  It sounds like there are several =
possible workarounds.

There are no acceptable workarounds.  I cannot stress enough how
important it is to file bug reports with Microsoft on this issue.
OpenAFS cannot solve it without Microsoft fixing the regression that was
introduced between Vista/2008 and Win7/2008-R2.

Jeffrey Altman