[OpenAFS] Windows: aklog: ktc 7 (11862791) while obtaining tokens

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Sat, 31 Jul 2010 00:23:52 +0200

On 30.07.2010 23:48, Lars Schimmer wrote:
> On 30.07.2010 17:55, Richard Brittain wrote:
>> On Wed, 23 Jun 2010, Jeff Blaine wrote:
>>> * There is a bug in Windows that will prevent
>>>  access to \\AFS after an IP address has
>>>  been removed or assigned after boot.  When
>>>  the bug is triggered, all attempts to connect
>>>  to \\AFS will result in a "Bad Network Name"
>>>  error.  Please reproduce this issue locally
>>>  and submit bug reports to Microsoft. .............. below
>>> """
>> For what it's worth, we now have two examples of "Windows 7 Enterprise=
>> (32-bit) systems which seem to have no problem at all accessing AFS
>> after an address change (typically 2 minutes needed to re-establish
>> access after a change).  We also have one example of "Windows 7
>> Professional" which clearly follows the pattern described above.
> We got 2 Win 7 Enterprise laptops, one does work, another does not. Bot=
> are 32 bit.
> But in general: the working windows 7 systems are very very low in coun=
> in our lab.

Sorry, let me rephrase it:
the windows 7 systems not affected by this bug are very low in numbers.
Over all OpenAFS works quite fine on Windows7, even better with roaming
profiles in OpenAFS than WinXP.
One very sad downside: UAE and the "run as admin" function. E.g. if I
try to install some software from OpenAFS space (logged in as usual
user), it asks for admin credentials and afterwards the process with
windows admin credentials has no more access to OpenAFS.
Solution: copy file to users desktop, install from that location, delete
from desktop. Sometimes security is a pain ;-)

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