[OpenAFS] Integrated login and "Authentication Server was unavailable"

Michael Richter m.richter@tu-berlin.de
Tue, 01 Jun 2010 12:16:14 +0200

Hi list,

we use AFS with integrated login on our windows clients (WinXPPro) or we 
try to. Some of our old machines work great with integrated login. But 
most of our new migrated clients does not. If I try to login I get the 
message "Integrated login failed: Authentication Server was unavailable" 
after a few seconds. We use OpenAFS 1.5.74 but we also tried older 
versions (59, 60, 66) and we use KFW 3.2.2.

Google told me, that our error message means, that KFW (Kerberos 5) is 
not used. I tried also "EnableKFW" reg key but it didn't change anything.

Is this a problem bewween AFS and KFW? Does someone know how to get this