[OpenAFS] OpenAFS DB server on a Soekris box?

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Fri, 11 Jun 2010 09:13:33 +0200

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Jaap Winius wrote:

> What I would like to do is to make that third server as small as
> possible by using a Soekris Engineering net5501 for it:
>    http://www.soekris.com/net5501.htm
> This is a very small, low-power unit with a 500 MHz 586 CPU and 512 MB
> of RAM. It has room for a single 2.5" hard disk, so I'd like to use a 6=
> GB Western Digital SSD.
> Does this third machine look feasible, or would I be asking for trouble=
> Would the SSD survive this level of wear* for at least three years?
> Any opinions?

As a DB server I guess it would be perfectly fine.
I got a Atom330 class computer at home with debian and for a small
network it could also handle the OpenAFS fileserver part quite well (not
as fast as gigabit, but hey...).

About SSD: I guess it would, but til yet no real life experience. SSD in
a Win7 PC should survive 3 years, to.

But as a sidenote: some rumors are out, a cheap Xeon system with a low
powered CPU would use less power in low usage times. The Xeon system
will use much more power under load, but will be ready by times faster
due to more possible CPU power.
In the end, a DB server has not much load and you need to think about
price of hardware and long term power costs.

> Thanks,
> Jaap
> *) Assuming the usual SSD tweaks: noatime, external logging,
> elevator=3Dnoop and setting the bios to "Write Back" for the drive.

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