[OpenAFS] Resetting settings?

BAMPFA IT Helpdesk bampfamd@berkeley.edu
Tue, 15 Jun 2010 16:03:30 -0700

Is there anyway to completely erase OpenAFS & its settings? I'm having
issues with on one of my machines (all my machines are running
the same version) - the session will always expire really quickly no
matter how much I tinker with the settings. After a while I will no longer
have the privilege to access my AFS folders and am forced to restart the
computers until I can get a completely new token.

It only happens on this one machine. I've found that if I format the
computer and reinstall AFS then transfer old files over - things work
fine. But the amount of data on this comp is huge so I would like to avoid
doing that if possible.

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