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George Ross gdmr@inf.ed.ac.uk
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 10:22:43 +0100

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> > If you're only using volumes for home directories, or things like gro=
> > collaboration space, then RO volumes are not very useful to you.
> Actually, that's definitely not true in my experience. See below.
> > As you mentioned, they can also 'kinda' be used for backup purposes,
> =5B snip =5D
> > I definitely wouldn't recommend that for home dirs or anything like t=
> > though, since from the user's perspective it looks like their data ju=
> > suddenly went back in time by a day. Usually it's not much better tha=
> > just having real backups.
> I'd strongly recommend considering them for this use - alongside a real=

> backup solution.
> ...

In addition to all that Simon writes (=22fire=21=22), I'd also mention th=
at we=20
saw considerable support-cost savings when we introduced easy user-access=
to their =22yesterday=22 filesystems.  Our front-line support teams used =
field loads of =22oops, I just trashed this file, could you restore it fo=
r me=20
please?=22 calls.  Now, provided the users realise what they've done, and=
usually they do, they can restore things from the previous day's state=20
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