[OpenAFS] /vicepa on Linux RAID

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Tue, 22 Jun 2010 23:43:36 -0700

Youssef Eldakar <youssef.eldakar@bibalex.org> writes:

> Should OpenAFS have problems with a /vicepa that exists on a Linux RAID
> (e.g. /dev/md0) device?

No, it should be fine.

> I am trying to set up an OpenAFS server on Ubuntu 10.04
> (openafs-fileserver/openafs-dbserver 1.4.12+dfs), but when I get to
> making the root volume (afs-rootvol), the machine crashes, and I am
> thinking if this has to do with /vicepa being on a Linux RAID-5 device.

If by "the machine crashes" you mean that you get a kernel panic or
similar sort of operating system crash, that's unlikely to be the fault of
the OpenAFS file server.  The file server is just another userspace
program that uses normal file system calls (at least with the namei file
server, which is the only kind available for Linux).  It should no more be
able to crash the operating system than your shell or your Apache server.

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