[OpenAFS] Re: Speed up pts actions

Assarsson, Emil Emil.Assarsson@sonyericsson.com
Thu, 18 Nov 2010 17:46:49 +0100

>> I have created a python script that synchronizes groups in an AD LDAP da=
tabase to match groups and users in pts. It uses pts interactive and this s=
peeds it up a little bit but not that much. The reads from the database goe=
s really >> fast so there is no problem with the comparing. Only changes ta=
kes time. We have right now 22 groups and about 2650 users. A sync with a f=
ew updates takes around 2 minutes and I think that is ok. I'm thinking abou=
t using the  timestamp on the group object to see if it has changed since t=
he last sync too to make it even faster.

> Do you allow direct PTS editing, or is the database solely emitted?
> If the latter, consider scripting pt_util and simply periodically
> replacing the database by stopping one site, writing a newer(*)
> database and letting a new quorum push it to the other sites.
> (*) - ubik epoch and version determine if your database is current;
> you'd need to be careful to be newer than the last one.

I have to think about what I should permit :-P
The idea about populate a offline database and then submit it is appealing=
but maybe it would be nice to let users manage some groups them self.

Thanks for the idea thought :-)