[OpenAFS] Windows OpenAFS Control Panel and ShowTrayIcon

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Fri, 19 Nov 2010 10:05:25 -0500

On 11/19/2010 9:34 AM, John P Janosik wrote:

> Jeff -
> Thanks for the response. I've sent the bug request in, but your response
> gave me another thought. I'm not a Windows programmer so this may make
> no sense. I'm hoping there is some way I can re-add the checkbox to the
> dialog without un commenting the code that defines the checkbox in
> afs_config.rc for my locale and rebuilding the control panel app. Is
> this possible? I'm asking because from my searches in the list archives
> it appears that it will be a bit of work to setup a build environment
> for OpenAFS on Windows.
> Thanks,
> John Janosik

It is not possible.   Besides, the reason the checkbox was removed in
the first place is that such a configuration option is a per-user option
whereas a control panel implies per-machine configuration.

The reason I want to fix it "correctly" is so that some that decides to
rebuild the code with local patches will not waste time trying to figure
out why putting the checkbox back into the dialog does not work.

Jeffrey Altman

P.S. - This entire tool is going to be removed as soon as someone
finishes the work that Brant Gurganus started for the MMC.  The
afs_config.exe tool is not compatible with the afs redirector.