[OpenAFS] Need help with translator

Karen Eldredge karen.eldredge@infoprint.com
Tue, 23 Nov 2010 16:14:26 -0700

I've compiled OpenAFS 1.5.77 on OpenSuSE 11.3 and added the these lines in

/sbin/modprobe sunrpc > $MODLOADDIR/libafs.map 2>&1
authtab=`awk '/[ \t]authtab[ \t]/ {print $1}' < /proc/kallsyms`
/sbin/insmod $MODLOADDIR/$LIBAFS ${authtab:+authtab_addr=0x$authtab} > >

I added set -x to afs.rc and echo authtab, MODLOADDIR & LIBAFS and it looks
like they are getting set.  I get the error "libafs: Unknown parameter
'authtab_addr'" in /var/log/messages.   Is there something else I need to do to
get this to work?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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