[OpenAFS] AFS newbie - Unix quickstart?

Masao Kitamura masaok@gmail.com
Tue, 23 Nov 2010 17:13:12 -0800


I'm new to OpenAFS, trying to convert from an NIS/NFS setup.

I've read through the Unix Quickstart here:


...but, it doesn't seem very quick at all.

Few questions:

1.  Anyone have the same problem?

2.  Is there a PDF version of this somewhere?  It helps to print it
out and make notes.

3.  Does anyone know of a better AFS beginner walkthrough (website,
book, blog, etc)?

Specifically, that quickstart guide seems to go into depth about
permissions, security, and performance, when I'd really like to know
something even more basic like: here's how to create your first file
in AFS.

I'd prefer to work in Ubuntu server, but anything at this point is
fine.  Also, I'm familiar with all the basic Linux services, shells,
commands, editors, and networking.