[OpenAFS] New OpenAFS website proposal.

Jakub Witkowski jpw@jabster.pl
Wed, 24 Nov 2010 19:40:24 +0100

Hello all,

Back during European OpenAFS meeting, there was some discussion about
replacing current OpenAFS website with a new, better and shinier one.
The task seemed not to have any takers, though, because I have not
seen any discussion about it on neither this nor developer discussion

Recently, I found myself having plenty of free time and decided that I
could tackle this problem. I have built what could be considered a
functional demo, available at http://afs.rikanise.net/ While the it is
functional, it should not be considered finished - there are some
small niggles here and there (like the fact that "software" section
thinks it contains add-ons for Plone) that should be ironed out before
it is used as the main site.

I would like to solicit comments about site's functionality and
behaviour - I tried to build something that could be useful for the
community but my choices might not be the best ones. Feel free to grab
an account and play around! If you want to play with some particular
aspect of the site (for example add a new document to documentation
tab), register and then drop me an email, I'll set required privileges
for you.

One final note: since this is a test portal only, I did not bother
with caching. Additionally, the host that this site is on is rather
underpowered, so you should treat site's performance as "worst case".

Jakub Witkowski.