[OpenAFS] Frozen mount points and challenge / response loop [solved]

Assarsson, Emil Emil.Assarsson@sonyericsson.com
Thu, 25 Nov 2010 14:01:27 +0100

Hi all,

I runned into a problem where I got  frozen mount points where a user had t=
o authenticate.
After a few tcpdumps I found out that it looped the challenge / response me=
ssages every 2 sec.

I found out that the user was a member in about 400 groups.
We use AD so the KDC gave me a PAC in the ticket so the ticket became large=
r than 8k.
It seemed like the ticket was ignored by the fileserver and it asked for a =

I resolved this issue by setting the NO_AUTH_REQUIRED flag on the AD object=
 holding the servicePrincipalName according to this page

In hope that it will help someone else :-)
Best regards

Emil Assarsson
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB

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