[OpenAFS] New OpenAFS website proposal.

Jakub Witkowski jpw@jabster.pl
Fri, 26 Nov 2010 12:40:17 +0100

Hi Christof,

2010/11/26 Christof Hanke <christof.hanke@rzg.mpg.de>:
> Hi Jakub,
> Am 26.11.2010 10:41, schrieb Jakub Witkowski:
>> While I am willing to spend time to build a replacement website, I
>> would rather make something that has a chance of being accepted. Right
>> now, I have a distinct impression that, right now, both my choices of
>> technology and modes of interaction are not exactly what the community
>> wants.
>> Thus my question is, should I try to adapt this thing or just scrap it
>> and start over?
> I guess every possible solution has its supporters and opponents here.
> Plone offers a sophisticated review-system, but I wonder if we could do all
> the review within git.
> Then we wouldn't need to worry about access-control (as we would have to in
> case of "we just edit a file in AFS").
> To check your changes, we could have a buildbot-like testinstance of the
> werbserver, which you can tell what commit to pull.

This is a good idea for slowly changing things like the official documentation.
There is, however, the need of easily searchable, user contributed
information too, something like the "frozen mountpoint" issue that
Emil Assarsson reported yesturday. I believe that, as a project, we
would immensely profit from allowing people that are not in the
project core to contribute to the documentation.
AFSLore Wiki was probably started with that idea but, frankly, it
looks broken and inspires little confidence. There is also problem of
repetition, with so many places to store relevant information, we risk
them falling out of sync with each other.

> Just my thoughts,
> Christof
Thanks for your input,