[OpenAFS] Re: Server marking items as "in use"?

Derrick Brashear shadow@gmail.com
Fri, 1 Oct 2010 14:12:58 -0400

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 2:03 PM, BAM/PFA IT Help Desk
<bampfamd@berkeley.edu> wrote:
> The specific error was this:
> "Cannot open file pattype.tble"
> This has to do with a software called Library World, where all of the files
> associated with the application is stored on the server so that a group of
> employees can access and work on them (ie every thing stays on the server).
> The group has a specific group permission that allows them full access to
> whatever's related to Library World on the server.
> A check on the afs acl showed that they do indeed have full permissions to
> the above file and all related files. Our Sys Admin isn't in right now but
> he will be soon and I will have him check on the unix permission as well.
> Users are running Mac OS X Tiger & Leopard.

Then you have options. On Leopard, you have dtrace.

As root, run dtruss -p (pid of the software)
and then cause the error; included will be the actual call and error
(assuming the software hasn't forked and has some foked child doing
the work)

On either,
as root, /Library/OpenAFS/Tools/etc/fstrace setset cm -active
then produce the error
then again as root
/Library/OpenAFS/Tools/etc/fstrace dump cm > somefile
and again error information will be present.

If you share an AFS path to either set of output the members of this
list can help you interpret it.

Also, you can look for errors in abort packets in tcpdump output. I'd,
again as root,
tcpdump -x -n -vv -s 1500 -i en0 (or en1, especially if wifi on a
laptop) port 7001 and host (local IP)

you'll see reply packets which are aborts; the last 32 bits, which is
to say in hex the last 8 characters, decodes to a numeric error.

> Anh
> On Oct 1, 2010, at 10:51 AM, Andrew Deason wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Oct 2010 10:42:22 -0700
> BAM/PFA IT Help Desk <bampfamd@berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Hello,
> We are running into problems with our AFS where it seems like one of
> our users cannot access a file that is associated with an application.
> After going through tech support for that particular software, they
> said that the file's status on the server might be "in use" and it
> would need to be "released" before anyone can use it again.
> Any idea on how to tackle this problem?
> What client OS?
> Getting the actual error that is received on trying to access the file
> would be a start. The term "in use" seems vague to me personally, but
> maybe that has a technical meaning on your client system I'm just not
> familiar with.
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