[OpenAFS] Overview? Linux filesystem choices

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Fri, 1 Oct 2010 08:17:31 -0500

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On 2010-10-01 11:35, Harald Barth wrote:
> Another way to tackle the data corruption issue in the AFS case would
> be to add checksum functionality to the fileserver backend. In
> contrast to NFS, we have the advantage that noone reads the data
> directly from the file system but always through the client.

IMHO, AFS crossed over into these kinds of enterprise features the
instant a "volume" could be replicated or moved transparently... I'd be
happy to see more features like data checksumming, real-time
multi-server volume replication, and so on.  It seems like burying this
stuff in the filesystem just moves your single point of failure up into
the fileserver... if AFS were to replicate volumes to multiple
fileservers that point-of-failure moves up into the network (and if the
network is failing... nobody can get at their files anyway). =20

Of course, there are lots of other wish-list things for OpenAFS, like my
favorite, file encryption in the cache manager (so the files are already
encrypted when they arrive at the fileserver.)

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