[OpenAFS] Windows client complaints.

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Thu, 07 Oct 2010 11:20:47 +0200

We have a few (sometimes heavy loaded) WTS machines that have started to 
get annoying
warnings in the application log after we upgraded client from 1.5.64 to 

Each 5 seconds it gets lines like this in the application log:

Server reported volume 538176929 as temporarily unaccessible.
All servers are offline when accessing cell ltu.se volume 538176929.

It always complain about a specific volume, but after some time it may 
start complaining
about another volume instead.  Despite this, the volume is accessible 
even though there are
delays when walking around in the volume.

We haven't seen this on any other machines, but on three WTS servers.
The WTS machines are running 2003R2 64-bit with the SMB AFS client.
No complains at all on the file servers.  Tested with complaining volumes
on both 1.4.11 and file servers.

Any hints?  Because this only occurs if there is quite some load on the 
servers it's not easy to debug (and unpopular :-)

-- Ragge