[OpenAFS] Re: bos killed fileserver before it was shut down cleanly.

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Sun, 10 Oct 2010 12:36:09 -0700

Adam Megacz <adam@megacz.com> writes:
> Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> writes:

>> The problem is that it's also not uncommon for the fileserver to
>> completely or nearly completely stall when shutting down,

> Just curious, is this "stall" a bug in the fileserver, or something
> which happens for a good reason?  If so, what is the reason?

It happens, in my experience, when there are hundreds of thousands of open
callbacks, often to hosts behind NAT that are now unreachable and produce
UDP timeouts.  The fileserver tries to break all those callbacks, which if
left to run to completion can take many hours.

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