[OpenAFS] Overview? Linux filesystem choices

Jean-Christophe Ducom jc_ducom@nd.edu
Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:08:10 -0400

I have a general question related to the filesystem choices.
Does anybody run production level  OpenAFS servers on Freebsd using ZFS 
Thank you

On 09/30/2010 12:53 PM, Vincent Fox wrote:
> On 9/30/2010 6:40 AM, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
>> Getting back the data your wrote is a hard
>> problem. ZFS presumes that everything
>> downstream of it will (eventually) fail. There
>> is overhead there, but it does solve a set
>> of problems that other solutions do not.
>> (And the highly paranoid presume ZFS will
>> fail, so take different precautions).
> I've seen 3 RAID-5 sets have double-disk failures in the last 5 years.
> I've seen one even have a triple-disk failure in a short timespan.
> Too short for all that rebuild from hot spares business to work.
> Granted, older disks on older system.
> Everyone will say "yeah, but it's very unlikely and hasn't happened to ME".
> I like ZFS RAID-10, I like it a LOT. I don't think people understand how
> good it really is, most are afraid of anything other than the OS
> they run now and antique filesystems that have accreted decades
> of "fixes" for design defects. Do you trust black box RAID controllers?
> I don't. I really like being able to run scrub whenever I need to ensure
> the data on the disk is correct.
> It makes me sad that Oracle bought Sun, where it will probably wither.
> If IBM had bought Sun I would have more hope of a good filesystem
> for MacOS, Linux, etc. in the near term. ZFS has been stable and
> in production for years now. I like btrfs but it is years from
> being ready for terabytes of production data.
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