[OpenAFS] OpenAFS building for RHEL6

John Hascall john@iastate.edu
Tue, 05 Apr 2011 10:02:17 CDT

> Yeah. Sadly, the SRPM doesn't seem to have been copied over yet. I've =
> just
> put it into the R/W volume, but I don't have sufficient permissions to
> release it. Until someone who does shows up, you can get it from:
> =
> /afs/.grand.central.org/software/openafs/candidate/1.6.0pre4/openafs-1.6.0=
> -0.pre4.src.rpm

OK, I guess this raises the question, for RHEL6 should I be using 1.6.0pre4
or should I step back to a previous release (I managed to google-up some
1.4.14 CentOS/EL6 rpms, for example).

Thanks again,