[OpenAFS] Re: vos move speed rates

Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:26:52 -0500

On Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:54:12 -0400
Eric Chris Garrison <ecgarris@iupui.edu> wrote:

> I've measured two ways, using "time vos move" and dividing the size by
> the time, and confirmed the rough result by watching the transfer rate
> on "iftop".

Okay, but the actual amount of data going over the wire is closer to
'vos size -dump' than 'vos examine' (but the former make take a little
time to compute). If you're seeing a difference in actual link
utilization, then that doesn't have anything to do with the number of
files as I was talking about it, since that just affects how much data
is transmitted. There's still filesystem limitations on "lots of little
files", though, of course.

You may want to see which end (sending or receiving) that is being slow.
You can determine that by 'vos dump' and 'vos restore'ing the volume on
the two ends. If it's the receiver (which would be my guess) you might
be helped a little by applying this patch:


> In other news, I was going to try to attempt the wrapper script on
> volserver and restart with "bos restart server volserver -localauth" but
> bizarrely, I got this in reply:
> bos: failed to restart instance volserver (no such entity)

You can't restart the volserver by itself. The fileserver, volserver,
and salvager are one "thing" (a bosserver bnode) from the bosserver's
point of view. But if you kill the volserver manually, bosserver will
restart it for you.

Andrew Deason