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Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Thu, 28 Apr 2011 09:59:49 -0400

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On 4/20/2011 9:13 AM, Axel M=C3=BCller wrote:
> Any new info on this topic? Anything I can do to debug it? I would appr=
eciate any help.
>   Axel

The troubleshooting section of the release notes installed on the client
machine (Programs->OpenAFS->Documentation->Release Notes) explains how
to collect information using the AFS Cache Manager's
trace logging, Sysinternal's Process Monitor and Debug Viewer.  Process
Monitor captures the view from the application.  The cache manager's
trace logging captures the view from the AFS SMB server and the
interactions with the file server.  Neither can see the internals of the
Microsoft SMB redirector nor the Microsoft Netbios/TCP stack.
Collected data can be filed with a bug report to openafs-bugs@openafs.org=

Bug reports are addressed based upon the criticality of the issue for
the community as a whole, the estimated amount of time necessary to
understand the cause of the issue, and the availability of volunteer
time to debug the cause the and design/implement a fix.

Organizations that are experiencing an issue which is important to
themselves but for which freely available development cycles are not
available are encouraged to take advantage of the commercial support
options some of which are listed at http://www.openafs.org/support.html.

Jeffrey Altman

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