[OpenAFS] Windows 7 x64: \\afs\cs.uwm.edu refers to a location that is unavailable

John Tang Boyland boyland@cs.uwm.edu
Thu, 28 Apr 2011 12:20:23 -0500

Here is the problem I alluded to earlier:

I have a student who bought a new laptop with Windows Version 6.1.7600 and 
installed NIM and OpenAFS 1.5.9904 and things ALMOST work.

They can get tokens and can go to \\afs\openafs.org
and \\afs\cs.wisc.edu but not \\afs\cs.uwm.edu
When they try, they get the message:
"\\afs\cs.uwm.edu refers to a location that is unavailable.  It could be
 on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network.  Check..."

They can run vos commands: "vos examine root.cell" works fine.

If they run "fs checks", there is a long pause, and then it says that
"filip.cs.uwm.edu" is unavailable, even though it pings fine from this
machine and the server is accessible from elsewhere.
(filip is the RW location of root.cell, but it is also available on two
other servers: solomons and jeremiah)  The main DB server is solomons.

NET VIEW \\AFS shows

Share name  
cs.uwm.edu   Disk  <UNC>    AFS MountPoint to #cs.uwm.edu:root.cell.
cs.wisc.edu  Disk           AFS MountPoint to #cs.wisc.edu:root.cell
openafs.org  Disk           AFS MountPoint to #openafs.org:root.cell

NB: The "period" at the end of the cs.uwm.edu entry makes me worried
now.  Is that a possible problem?  And why are ONLY the cells that
cannot be reached marked as UNC?  But if the period was the error, why
would it say that filip was unavailable?

Everything looks fine in the AFS Control Panel
(although no uwm machines show up in the Server Preferences pane)

Best regards,