[OpenAFS] .dmrc file being ignored

Jaap Winius jwinius@umrk.nl
Fri, 29 Apr 2011 17:00:06 +0200

Hi folks,

After some more work on this issue I seem to have it licked. What's  
interesting is that all that seems to be necessary is setting the "l"  
(list) permission bit for system:anyuser for the user home directories.

Initially, I also took the trouble to create a separate dmrc volume  
and directory structure where each user had a directory with a .dmrc  
file for which system:anyuser had lrw permissions, as well as creating  
symlinks to link to these files from the home directories. It seemed  
to work, but then I noticed that gdm was overwiting the symlinks in  
the home directories with new .dmrc files (permissions 600) owned by  
the users. Despite this, the error did not return.

My conclusion is that the version of gdm that comes with Debian  
squeeze only checks for the existence, ownership and permissions of  
the ~/.dmrc file, but does not actually read its contents.

Thanks to Stephan Wiesand and Benjamin Kaduk!