[OpenAFS] RHEL6 openafs, krb5-workstation /usr/bin/kpasswd packaging conflict

Tim Metz tpmetz@ucdavis.edu
Thu, 06 Jan 2011 10:25:10 -0800


I have built OpenAFS-1.4.12 RPMs for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, and 
discovered a packaging conflict upon attempting to install {openafs, 
openafs-client, kmod-openafs}.
With RHEL6, it looks like the Kerberos5 packages no longer locate 
binaries under /usr/kerberos/bin, rather place them under /usr/bin.  The 
RHEL6 krb5-workstation RPM contains /usr/bin/kpasswd, as does the 
openafs-1.4.12 RPM.  I'm considering building the OpenAFS RPMs with a 
prefix of /usr/openafs or similar to remove the packaging conflict.  I'm 
wondering however if this is a known issue?, and how the openafs.org 
distributed RHEL6 RPMs will handle this when they are available?


 - Tim