[OpenAFS] Unix domain socket and AFS

Markus Köberl markus.koeberl@tugraz.at
Mon, 10 Jan 2011 11:03:04 +0100

On Monday 10 January 2011, Nicolas Bourbaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> Would it be possible for someone to explain why using Unix domain socket
> with AFS seems impossible. As an example, I tried to use Chrome in
> conjunction with a homedir stored in AFS. The browser creates its profile
> directory in the AFS space and tries to "bind" to a socket in this
> directory. From that point, the browser fails to start. I guess this is a
> current limitation of AFS and I'd appreciate some technical info about
> that. Is this a bad idea to use Unix domain sockets and is there a
> workaround to be able to use applications which make use of them ?

This is the case with all network filesystems I had to do.

Try a newer version... I am using google-chrome-beta 9.0.597.45-r70550 here 
without problems (the socket gets automatically created somewhere 
in /tmp/.com.google.chrome.XXXXXX/). 
We use the command option --disk-cache-dir=/tmp/${USER}-chrome/ here to use 
the local disk for caching.

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