[OpenAFS] volume size

Rich Sudlow rich@nd.edu
Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:18:19 -0500

Lewis, Dave wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering what is a reasonable size for large AFS volumes. I
> understand that the maximum size of a volume is about 2 TB (assuming
> that the partition is at least that size). From a practical standpoint,
> is it reasonable to have a 2 TB volume? Should I expect any problems
> doing operations like bos salvage or vos move on large volumes?

We've been using 2 TB volumes for several years - even with that we often need
to create multiple volumes per user - it's just plain impractical for
us to use anything smaller and would like to see the 2 TB volume limit
raised (I believe it is in 1.6..??) - We have had some unique problems
that I don't believe others have seen but between Derrick and Sine Nomine
all of our problems are fixed in 1.4.14.  Yes it takes a while to move
volumes - our run of thumb is 200 GB/hr for moves. It also takes a
while to create 100's of volumes for a single user ;-)  Except for one
volume (fixed in 1.4.14) we haven't had issues for over a year.
> For example, I'm wondering if bos salvage has a "harder" time with a few
> large volumes than with several smaller volumes. I figure that, with
> smaller volumes, internal inconsistencies that bos salvage fixes would
> be more isolated than with large volumes, and that that would be
> beneficial. But I don't really know.
> Currently we mount 25 GB volumes in users' home directories for their
> image data, which grows a lot during data processing. Some users are
> starting to feel limited by 25 GB volumes, so I'm considering going to
> 100 GB volumes. I would appreciate any advice. Should large volumes be
> salvaged more often than small volumes?

No difference - We generally don't salvage except for hardware problems except
for the volume mentioned earlier - which is on it's separate server.
  Not sure how big your images are but OpenAFS actually
does a better job with small files vs our Panasas server - 100 GB is our
default home directory size.

> We're running openafs 1.4.11 on centos 5.3.

If you're using large volumes run 1.4.14 there are some salvage , fileserver
fixes there.


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