[OpenAFS] Multihomed issues

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Mon, 17 Jan 2011 17:28:22 -0800

Jaap Winius <jwinius@umrk.nl> writes:
> Quoting Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu>:

>> The file server is what tells the VLDB that it has those addresses, so
>> I think the same solution should work there.  The trick is that you
>> have to create the NetInfo and NetRestrict files before the first time
>> you start the file server.  It should then not register them.

> I had created a NetInfo file, but not a NetRestrict. I had done this
> after installing the AFS server packages, but before running the file
> server for the first time. Then I created the ptserver and vlserver
> processes on the new server. Guess that's not enough.

Hm, I would have thought that would be enough.  If you have NetInfo, that
should be all you need.  What directory did you create that file in?

>> I don't think you meant CellServDB here, or if you did, then something
>> else is going on that I don't understand.  CellServDB shouldn't ever
>> contain the IP addresses of file servers (unless your VLDB servers are
>> also file servers).

> I did mean /etc/openafs/server/CellServDB, but, like the original
> server, this new (second) server is both a file server and a VLDB
> server.

I don't understand how anything would have ended up there without you
explicitly adding it.  Hm.  Oh, the openafs-client postinst will add all
the IP addresses for the VLDB servers you give.  Do you have the private
IP addresses in DNS?  If so, that's where it came from.

> No, vos delentry. But, I'm happy to report that it did do the trick
> after I ran it again on the first server:

>    ~# vos delentry -server
>    Deleting VLDB entries for server
>    ----------------------
>    Total VLDB entries deleted: 1; failed to delete: 0
>    ~# _

> This also had one further, unexpected result:

>    ~# vos examine root.cell -noresolve
>    VLDB: no such entry
>    ~# _

Yeah, sorry, I should have warned like Darrick did.  vos remsite was the
command you wanted.  vos delentry nukes the whole entry, so it nuked your
root.cell VLDB entry.

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