[OpenAFS] Multihomed issues

Jaap Winius jwinius@umrk.nl
Tue, 18 Jan 2011 05:43:43 +0100

Quoting Derrick Brashear <shadow@gmail.com>:

>> If this is all because of DNS, what should I do? Both AFS servers also run
>> Bind9 with split views -- internal and external. Each AFS server sees an
>> internal view that includes its private IP address.
> then some systems *need* the internal address to be able to reach
> things. remember volume releases *also* require RPCs to go from the
> master site to slaves. if a system can only reach another by it's
> internal address, again, fix the real problem. the real problem is
> not the internal address appearing. it's that *only* the internal
> address is appearing.

So, if I understand you correctly, my server NetInfo files need to  
contain both an internal and an external address (the latter without  
an 'f' in my case), while NetRestrict should not contain the internal  

> did you read what i sent? you may, and probably do, need both
> addresses to appear in the VLDB. the key is *both*. setting NetInfo
> correctly will fix this.

How can this prevent the first server from initially filling up the  
VLDB with volume entries that contain a private IP address? I think  
that's one of my current problems. Additional servers can't access  
volumes with such addresses.

But, I'll try again tomorrow.