[OpenAFS] Multihomed issues

Jaap Winius jwinius@umrk.nl
Wed, 19 Jan 2011 04:42:17 +0100

Quoting Jaap Winius <jwinius@umrk.nl>:

> ... Besides putting the external address in NetInfo and the internal
> one in NetRestrict, I probably need to make sure that each server's
> name always refers to its external address, both internally and
> externally. I do something simple, like make up some new names for
> the AFS servers with which to achieve this.

It worked! What I did:

1.) Created a NetInfo and a NetRestrict file in  
/var/lib/openafs/local/ to force the first server to use only its  
external address and ignore its internal one.

2.) Created a CellServDB in /etc/openafs/server/ that contained only  
the first server's external address.

3.) Installed the first server using a new DNS name that refers only  
to the host's external IP address. Examined the new volumes: none  
referred to any internal IP addresses.

4.) On the second server, created a NetInfo and a NetRestrict file in  
/var/lib/openafs/local/ for the same reasons as above.

5.) On the second server, copied the contents of the first server's  
/etc/openafs/server/ dir to this one's.

6.) Installed the second server, again being careful to use only a new  
DNS name that refers to the new host's external IP address.

7.) Created RO copies of all the volumes on the first server on the  
second one. Examined the volumes: none included any internal IP  

I think that does it. Now I just have to be careful not to use the  
wrong host names when creating or moving things in AFS, but if I ever  
mess up I hope it won't be too difficult to fix (vos remsite!).

Thanks, guys!