[OpenAFS] OpenAFS hiccups for multiple users on Win 7 Enterprise

Tobias Vockerodt vockerodt@iqo.uni-hannover.de
Mon, 24 Jan 2011 10:52:39 +0100

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Dear all,

we are running an open AFS cell for about 3.5 years now. While I do have
virtually no experience with the server side, I am looking after most of
our Windows and Linux clients. So far, most of the Windows 7 clients are
working well with OpenAFS 1.5.7800 (64 bit msi).

However, we have one machine with Windows 7 Enterprise and a multiple
user setup
It's a machine for number crunching which users can access via Remote

The OpenAFS issue here is that the connection breaks as soon as a second
user logs in and obtains an AFS token - and it breaks for all users,
currently logged in as well as future logins. The system recovers if
left unattended without any OpenAFS tokens over night.

The only error message I have seen so far is "Der RPC-Server ist nicht
verf=FCgbar" which translates to sth. like "The RPC-Server is unavailable=

I'd be glad for any suggestions for diagnostics or solution, as well as
confirmation of this problem in any other cell. The current task would
be to cancel out the possible sources of this problem. Even if it's only
one machine, I can imagine that the server is misconfigured.

As mentioned above, I have only few experiences with the server, so
please be gentle and give me detailed instructions. :)

Many thanks for all help and suggestions,

  Leibniz Universit=E4t Hannover
  QUEST - Institut f=FCr Quantenoptik
  Dipl. Phys. Tobias Vockerodt

  Welfengarten 1
  30167 Hannover

  Tel.: +49 (0)511 762 4802
  Fax:  +49 (0)511 762 2211

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