[OpenAFS] Re: Slightly unrelated question

Chaz Chandler clc31@inbox.com
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 12:25:29 -0500

> Integration with the Windows login system I believe is almost always
> done via AD. I think it's possible to not use AD if someone wrote a
> Kerberos pGina plugin (or maybe Samba, but that's just replacing AD, not
> getting rid of its role), but as far as I know nobody does that. But if
> you just want to get tickets/tokens after the user has logged in, that
> is much more common and easier to do.

You can do windows login with just Kerberos (no Samba/AD), at least in=20
my testing on XP and 2003.  You'll need ksetup.exe from the tools=20
package for your OS.  This link has a good bit of info:
There's also an old AFSBPW presentation from UNCC with some (now dated)=20
material about integrating profiles and other things which was helpful=20
in understanding the process.

Roaming profiles, making sure you get AFS tokens at the right time in=20
the login process, etc., are where AD or a good substitute come in=20
handy.  So again it depends on what your goal is.


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