[OpenAFS] Re: Need volume state / fileserver / salvage knowledge

Jeff Blaine jblaine@kickflop.net
Fri, 28 Jan 2011 12:43:30 -0500

On 1/28/2011 12:33 PM, Andrew Deason wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Jan 2011 12:10:38 -0500
> Jeff Blaine<jblaine@kickflop.net>  wrote:
>> The last time we brought our fileservers down (cleanly, according to
>> "shutdown" info via bos status), it struck me as odd that salvages
>> were needed once it came up.  I sort of brushed it off.
> As in, it salvaged everything automatically when it came back up, or
> volumes were not attached when it came back up, and you needed to
> salvage to bring them online?

The latter.

>> We've done it again, and the same situation is presenting itself,
>> and I'm really confused as to how that is and what is happening
>> incorrectly.  One of the three cleanly shutdown fileservers came
>> up with hundreds of unattachable volumes, and is salvaging now
>> by our hand.
> Well, why are they not attaching? FileLog should tell you. And the
> salvage logs should say what they fixed, if anything, to bring them back
> online.

Yes, I am waiting on that to all finish before I examine and reply.

> Also, salvaging an entire partition at once may be quite a bit faster
> than salvaging volumes individually, depending on how many volumes you
> have. The fileserver needs to be shutdown for that to happen, though.

I didn't trust it at all and forced a salvage of the whole server.
There were many unattachable volumes on every partition.