[OpenAFS] AFS/NFS translator clients cause translator server to inaccessible

Karen Eldredge karen.eldredge@infoprint.com
Fri, 28 Jan 2011 16:03:57 -0700

I would like some help with the AFS/NFS Translator.  We have an AFS/NFS
translator server running OpenAFS 1.5.77 on SLES 11 no SP.  This translator is
an guest in an VMware environment.

When the translator server is rebooted the translator clients can cause the
translator server to be inaccessible.  Let me try to explain what I see
happening.  If the client tries to access the AFS filespace after the
translator server reboots and the translator clients have not unmounted and
remounted the AFS filespace the translator server will become inaccessible.
You will not be able to ping, ssh or even logon at the console of the
translator server, so we end up having to power off the machine.   The work
around we have is to unmount and remount the AFS filespace from the translator
clients and then you can access the AFS filespace without causing problems with
the translator server.

Does this make sense?  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Please let me know
which logs you would like to see and anything else I can do to help with the
debugging.  We do have a vmcore file if you are interested.

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