[OpenAFS] Deploying OpenAFS on VMs

Terry McCoy terry@nd.edu
Tue, 05 Jul 2011 10:52:46 -0400

On 06/15/2011 11:29 PM, Coy Hile wrote:
> I have a question about deployment of OpenAFS on VMWare.  Assume for
> the sake of argument that one has a requirement to deploy OpenAFS on
> VMs -- to include deploying his fileservers as VMs.  Has anyone
> actually done that sort of deployment?  If so, did you make the vice
> partitions directly mapped disk LUNs (be they SAN LUNs or iSCSI LUNs),
> or did you just allocate additional disks as standard vmdk files? Is
> the additional overhead of using .vmdk files for vice partitions such
> that it would render the installation unusable?
> Thanks,
> -Coy
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All my file servers are VM's but the vice partitions are NFS file
systems.  If your using NFS as datastore(s) for your VMware
servers, why not just use NFS directly for the vice partitions?