[OpenAFS] PAG creation failed: No such file or directory

Youssef Eldakar youssef.eldakar@bibalex.org
Fri, 15 Jul 2011 14:44:05 +0200

In a network where an OpenAFS cell is set up to serve 1000+ clients, a 
host would occasionally fail to change to a user's home directory upon 
login with the following line in auth.log:

Jul 15 15:05:56 ia711225 sshd[10679]: (pam_afs_session): PAG creation failed: No such file or directory

Simply typing aklog right after login successfully acquires tokens, and 
the user is able to access their home directory. Subsequent logins have 
no problem changing to the user's home directory for a while (perhaps 
the Kerberos ticket lifetime). However, to make the problem go away 
completely, I found no solution but to reboot the host.

The server is running Linux 2.6.32 and OpenAFS 1.4.12. The clients are 
running Linux 2.6.35 and OpenAFS And this is how 
/etc/pam.d/common-session looks like:

session    required    pam_unix.so

session    optional    pam_krb5.so minimum_uid=1000

session    optional    pam_afs_session.so

I also had program=/usr/bin/aklog in the last line for a while, but the 
problem still occured.

The line in auth.log above indicates that pam_afs_session complains 
about a file that does not exist but does not tell what the name of that 
file is. Any suggestions on how to better troubleshoot the problem are 

Youssef Eldakar
Bibliotheca Alexandrina