[OpenAFS] Access AFS through web (Apache?)

stasheck stasheck.fora@gmail.com
Mon, 25 Jul 2011 19:08:20 +0200

2011/7/25 Dave Botsch <botsch@cnf.cornell.edu>:
> For whatever reason, my filedrawers source directory went away, so my
> exact notes are missing (I still have my modwaklog notes, tho).
> For filedrawers itself, if you follow the directions on:
> http://filedrawers.org/download.php
> you'll pretty much get there. The same directions might be in a README
> in the filedrawers source as well.
> A couple of notes...
> 1. as the filedrawers web page implies, you do now need a database
> (which you didn't need at the time of the other writeups) -- like the
> note at the bottom of the page says, the database schema is in the docs
> directory of the filedrawers source. It's a rather simple database.
> 2. the version of Smarty you install matters. IIRC, newer Smarty (v2.x)
> was broken, giving nonsensical errors, and I had to go back to v1.x

I actually read those notes and tried a thing or two, but I stuck on
./configure yielding "can't find mysql" - which is installed on my
system; after pointing it to mysql dir and still getting nothing, I
finally found that ./configure looks for something called
"mysql_config" which is nowhere to be found (not even in packages that
are not installed) - and I have no idea, what this binary does. Hence
I ask for help.