[OpenAFS] Access AFS through web (Apache?)

Stephen Joyce stephen@email.unc.edu
Mon, 25 Jul 2011 15:05:59 -0400 (EDT)


On recent Ubuntu (probably Debian too), try installing all 3 of:

I also recently updated my personal docs for installing filedrawers when I 
upgraded 2 servers from Debian 4 to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. Contact me off-list if 
you'd like a sanitized copy of my instructions. They assume you're 
comfortable with basic Linux admin tasks.

Fair warning: I include a fair number of patches to the base code and my 
docs assume this. Some of them are necessary for Ubuntu to do things like 
display multimedia files correctly. Some are cosmetic (theming the CSS). 
Others are functional (displaying quotas, adding recursive ACL functions to 
the permission manager, correct handling of Office 2007 filetypes, etc). 
Those patches are available too.

Cheers, Stephen
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On Mon, 25 Jul 2011, stasheck wrote:

> 2011/7/25 Dave Botsch <botsch@cnf.cornell.edu>:
>> For whatever reason, my filedrawers source directory went away, so my
>> exact notes are missing (I still have my modwaklog notes, tho).
>> For filedrawers itself, if you follow the directions on:
>> http://filedrawers.org/download.php
>> you'll pretty much get there. The same directions might be in a README
>> in the filedrawers source as well.
>> A couple of notes...
>> 1. as the filedrawers web page implies, you do now need a database
>> (which you didn't need at the time of the other writeups) -- like the
>> note at the bottom of the page says, the database schema is in the docs
>> directory of the filedrawers source. It's a rather simple database.
>> 2. the version of Smarty you install matters. IIRC, newer Smarty (v2.x)
>> was broken, giving nonsensical errors, and I had to go back to v1.x
> I actually read those notes and tried a thing or two, but I stuck on
> ./configure yielding "can't find mysql" - which is installed on my
> system; after pointing it to mysql dir and still getting nothing, I
> finally found that ./configure looks for something called
> "mysql_config" which is nowhere to be found (not even in packages that
> are not installed) - and I have no idea, what this binary does. Hence
> I ask for help.
> /br
> Stan
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