[OpenAFS] Re: ProbeUuid for host failed

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Wed, 04 Apr 2012 10:02:28 -0700

Jeffrey Altman <jaltman@your-file-system.com> writes:
> On 4/3/2012 10:04 PM, Ken Elkabany wrote:

>> 1.6.0pre1 which was packaged with Ubuntu 11.10. Should we make it a
>> priority to upgrade?

> 1.6.0pre1 is not an official OpenAFS release.  It was a tagged
> pre-release.  Anyone that deploys pre-releases should be prepared to
> upgrade as each new pre-release and the final release are issued.

This is at least partly my fault, at least sort of.  The problem is the
mismatch between the Debian and Ubuntu release schedules.  I use unstable
extensively in Debian for new OpenAFS pre-releases so that they can get
broader testing, rather than hiding them in experimental, but do so with
an eye to Debian's release schedule to ensure that we don't freeze with a

However, for packages not independently maintained in Ubuntu, Ubuntu pulls
versions from Debian unstable and then just freezes with whatever they
happened to have at the time.  This means that they can end up with some
really unfortunate choices in their releases.

I'm not sure there's any really good way to fix this, given that I don't
track Ubuntu's release cycle (or use it at all myself).

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