[OpenAFS] idle dead timeout issue?

Jack Neely jjneely@pams.ncsu.edu
Wed, 4 Apr 2012 14:00:28 -0400

On Tue, Apr 03, 2012 at 11:21:10AM -0400, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> On 4/3/2012 11:13 AM, Jack Neely wrote:
> > Folks,
> > 
> > What's the status of the idle dead timeout issue?  We are continuing to
> > have issues with 1.6.1pre2.  I've seen a lot of git activity and am
> > wondering if the idle dead issue has been resolved at this point.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Jack
> What are the issues and why do you believe they are idle dead related?

Because Russ told me so.  ;-)


See the bottom of the email.

I've grabbed 1.6.1, read the release notes and saw some notes that
probably apply to this situation.  I'm still unclear if the OpenAFS
folks believe this issue is solved or just better.  In any case there's
nothing like tossing it on one of the web servers and giving her a spin.

Performance appears better compared to our other web servers, slightly.
However, we are still getting periods of time where AFS takes multiple
seconds to 30 seconds to respond.  Then suddenly, all hanging AFS
transactions return at the same time.

See the graph.  The Y-axis is the number of httpd processes, the X-axis
is the number of seconds past 13:00 today.  (Data gathered from the http
logs of how long each request took.)


Servers are still on 1.6.1pre2 and we are making plans to do more
testing and then upgrade the servers to 1.6.1 final.


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