[OpenAFS] Re: Ubuntu

Sergio Gelato Sergio.Gelato@astro.su.se
Sat, 7 Apr 2012 15:27:16 +0200

* Harald Barth [2012-04-07 11:09:53 +0200]:
> > I'm doing this for my site.
> As in "su" or in "astro"?

As in "astro", for the time being. If others within "su" want to leverage=
my work that can be arranged, but so far I haven't been asked.

> > It also has the duplicate NAT ping issue, which can cause clients to fl=
> > file servers with substantial amounts of useless traffic in some
> > situations.
> Which in itself should be enough to stop it from being released. But
> I'm pessimistic, Ubuntu has in spite of its popularity issues when it
> comes to fixing bugs that they can dismiss by blaming upstream debian.
> But maybe my experience is biased from the messy state the heimdal
> package is in.

Well, I've just filed two bug reports, one for the NAT ping issue and one
for the fileserver issue. I may try to cover the idledead issues later
today. (I need to research them a bit first.)

I also suspect that it's going to take less effort to just maintain PPAs
--- for me personally it's already quite clear, for the community at large=
it may be harder to estimate --- than to push updates through the Ubuntu=20
process, but it doesn't seem right to surrender without even trying; so
let's see what this experiment will lead to. I wouldn't single out Ubuntu:=
Debian's own policies and practices can also be quite frustrating at times
(and don't get me started on Apple's=E2=80=A6)