[OpenAFS] Error reading diskDataHandle vol header

Staffan Hämälä sh@ltu.se
Tue, 24 Apr 2012 13:48:41 +0200

On 2012-04-24 13:37, Derrick Brashear wrote:
> fix it, if salvaging again does not, but it may be worth simply
> salvaging individually those
> two volumes first with bos salvage's -showlog parameter and looking at
> the resulting lot to see what it tells you.

Thanks, that seems to have solved the problem! It seems like the vol-files were
left on the disk, while the data associated with them had been deleted.

@(#) OpenAFS 1.4.12 built  2010-03-11
04/24/2012 13:40:51 STARTING AFS SALVAGER 2.4 (/usr/afs/bin/salvager /vicepb 538592892)
04/24/2012 13:40:51 The volume header file /vicepb/V0538592892.vol is not associated with any actual data (deleted)
04/24/2012 13:40:51 No applicable vice inodes on vicepb; not salvaged
04/24/2012 13:40:51 0 nVolumesInInodeFile 0
Temporary file /vicepb/salvage.inodes.vicepb.13381 is missing...
(similar message for the other volume omitted).

They are no longer listed as offline. Thanks for the help!